AdSense alternatives for small websites


No doubt AdSense is the best ad network to monetize your website but it is not the end of the world. There are several rewarding AdSense alternatives for small websites with which you can generate your revenue.

Yes, you have heard right, there are many display networks like Google that might be of help. And in this blog, we are going to talk about some of them so that you can monetize your blog if don’t want to use Google.

If you decide to start with one of these AdSense alternatives make sure you pick one that fits your bill. And if you already have an AdSense account and want to delete it, feel free to follow our guide on how to delete an AdSense account, since you are not going to need it.

Why Would Someone Use an AdSense Alternative if it is the Best?

Well, there are multiple reasons why someone would want to use an AdSense alternative.

And one of the reasons is, they don’t get approved. Some might find it low-paying. Even a lot of people lose their accounts due to Google’s strict policies. So, the reason might be anything.

Google AdSense remains the most used ad network in the world. And it powers revenue generation for millions of websites around the world.

You can make a good amount of money if you can draw enough traffic. And you can do that if you have a good niche or quality content stream.

But for many, AdSense remains a tough choice because many websites do pass the approval. Among the others, many website owners get banned due to invalid traffic, and some are punished with temporary restrictions.

Eventually, Google annoys a significant number of publishers.

On other hand, many people find it easy to use different ad networks. And many want to diversify their revenue stream. Therefore, they look for AdSense alternatives for small websites so that they can generate revenue and avoid all those Strick regulations.

Now the question is, are there any high-paying AdSense alternatives?

Of course, there are. – The Overall Best AdSense Alternative for small websites

When it comes to AdSense alternatives, comes first. Because it is from Google’s rival Bing. It means is owned by none other than Microsoft. is also run on the Yahoo search engine. So, if you use this as a publisher to monetize your website, you get privileges from two search engines. To compare this ad network with Google, this is the second-largest contextual ads network in the world.

So those who are looking for direct AdSense alternatives for small websites, this is the best you can look forward to. It is simple, content-driven, and based on a huge marketplace that of Bing and Yahoo.

Amazon Native Shopping Ads – Best Shopping Ads Platform


Who does not know Amazon? From books to films, from gadgets to home appliances, you get everything on Amazon. But maybe you were not aware that Amazon has a contextual ads network like Google AdSense called Amazon Native Shopping Ads.

Though a lot of people know about Amazon’s affiliate network, its Native shopping ads are not as widespread among beginners. But those who know, are having good revenue monetizing from the platform.

If you monetize your website with this ad, they show display and another format of ads depending on your content and keyword. We can assure you that it is a highly rewarding ad that you should look into.

Propeller Ads – A Ad Network with 1 billion Users  

Propeller Ads

Can you imagine that with an ad network, you can reach around 1 billion users?

What does it sound like? It is pretty big and it has a huge potential for your website. This particular AdSense alternative allows you to show banner ads along with sponsored links and push notifications.

It is a self-serve ad platform for publishers to drive a good revenue stream to their work. Because of its easy-to-use interface, you can set up the ads without any hassle.

We can call it one of the best AdSense alternatives for small websites due to its similar features. In particular, you can set automated ads just like Google to increase the conversion rate.

Monumetric – The Best CPM Based Ad Platform


Who says there are no better AdSense alternatives for small websites?

If you look around, there are many and some even come with a better option for small websites. And no doubt Monumetric is one of them which allows you to generate better revenue than AdSense.

Monumetric is a former blogger network and now it is a full-fledge ad network. People often consider it publisher friendly because it does not damage any user experience while showing ads. Moreover, this platform uses the CPM ad model and pays you for impressions.

In addition, Monumetric’s revenue is higher than that of AdSense. But there is one downside of this ad platform. To monetize your website, you need a minimum of 10K visitors per month. Other than that, Monumetric is a good choice for you.

Info Links – Relevance and Intent-Based Ad Network  

Info Links

InfoLinks is a relevant and intent-based ad platform suitable for small websites. It has a large user base that helps you to increase your income. Besides, InfoLinks has some unique placement systems that are good for a better user experience.

So, without damaging your user experience you can have a good Click-through-rate (CTR). Unlike many contextual ad networks, InfoLinks delivers the best possible match of your content type. And in return, you get the best CTR possible. Thus, it is a good opportunity for small websites.

Sovrn//Commerce – Best for Diversifying Ad Options

Sovrn Commerce

Last but not least, Sovrn//Commerce is one of the best AdSense alternatives for small websites. Though this is not like Google AdSense yet, you can monetize your project for higher revenue.

Sovrn is an affiliate network that helps you earn money through links. You can use this ad to diversify your site’s revenue. Moreover, you can also use another contextual ad along with Sovrn for higher cash flow.

With Sovrn, advertisers compete for your traffic with a bidding system. And it can help you optimize and increase revenue. Besides, you can also see reports of advertisers who help you get more income. And depending on that, you can optimize your ads.

Sovrn does not only help you with affiliate links, but it also has an AdSense like a network for CPM advertising called Meridian. So, it can be your ultimate income partner.

On the other hand, if you are planning to sell the best products to make money, you can choose Sovrn for affiliate sales. This way you can make money without even having the product in your inventory.

Your options for AdSense alternatives for small websites are not finished here. Frankly speaking, there are several other AdSense alternatives, but we just had to pick the best of them. The list that we have provided comes with many benefits including a big user base. So, according to your requirement, you can make any of these your ad partner. Hope this helps you earn money from your blog or marketplace project.

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