Google Ads Certification Study Guide

Google Ads certification study guide

Digital marketing has opened a new horizon in the job market. So, to have their dream job, a lot of people look for a Google Ads certification study guide.

So, we thought we would do something to help you get your Google ads certification.

Remember, Google’s certification is not that easy. But this is not rocket science either.

But, don’t worry, this guide can help you through. With this, we are covering some basic things and tips to make it easy for you.

However, before moving on to the guide directory we want to explain why you need Google ads certification.

Why Do You Need Google Certification?

A lot of job seekers apply for their desired jobs in the field of digital marketing. But a significant number of applicants fail to get the job.

But do you know why?

Because they lack the necessary knowledge and skills as freshers. Even a lot of digital marketers with a few years of experience lack skills and knowledge.

On the other hand, a lot of companies look for certifications before they hire anyone. And in this case, Google Ads certification is of high reputation.

So, to master the Google ads, and make your first impression right at the recruitment desk, you should go for Google ads certification tests.

But as said before, it is not easy. So, you need the right google ads certification study guide.

What is Google Ads Certification?

Simply put, google ads certification is a set of tests conducted to know your knowledge and efficiency in the program.

In other words, it is a professional certification program controlled by Google itself. And Google controls the assessment through its online training and certification program Skillshop.

Moreover, Google takes six assessments based on several aspects of ads. So, if you want to complete the certification, you need to pass all six of them. The six assessments are as followed:

  • Google Ads Display Certification
  • Google Ads Search Certification
  • Shopping Ads Certification
  • Google Ads Measurement Certification
  • Google Ads Video Certification
  • Google Ads Apps Certification

What else do you need to know before we move on to the Google ads certification study guide?

These exams are long and you need to sit tight for 75 minutes to complete each test. And in this time, you have to answer 46 to 50 questions in each exam.

The passing score is 80% for all assessments except for Google Ads Apps Certification. For the latter, you need 70%.

We know it looks pretty tough. Yea, you have to get the scores if you want the certificates. If you cannot get that score, you can sit for the exam again. But you have to wait for 1 day. (Source: Google)

Google Ads Certification Study Guide: How You Prepare Yourself

Google Ads Certification

Let’s not waste any time and start the Google ads certification study guide to prepare for your study and practical training. We are going to share some tips on how you can get certified easily by Google.

Study Google’s Knowledge Base

To pass the Google Ads certification, you must study. Don’t study hard, study smartly.

This is the only way you can answer all the questions on the assessment tests. You may think that it is just an exam, but it is not.

Google also allows you to study their material to prepare yourself for the test. Skillshop has a knowledge base where you can read the details.

It will help you get the necessary knowledge required for the exam. So, visit the main page of the Skillshop and you should find a lot of information there.

Simply put, Google’s Skillshop has Google ads certification study guide for you. For example, if you are thinking about taking the assessment on Google Ads display certification, you must visit the respective study guide.

Similarly, for different certifications, there are different study guides under the title of “Prepare for the certification”.  So can study the information by clicking on the knowledge check assessment.

So, make sure you study them properly and attentively. Because most of your questions will be depending on the study guide.

Learn From Your Job

Don’t expect that all the questions will be from the guide only.

You can get questions from many places, especially from your experience. Moreover, you will get questions about what you do while preparing a campaign.

But Google mostly prepares questions with tricks. You will get very close options to choose from. Therefore, you have to be very careful about them.

You know what, most people can do a lot of things but they are not aware of the terms used on Google. So, it is best to learn the terms and names of what you are doing during setting up a campaign.

In short, you just get to learn the theoretical base of your activities.

Practice With Practical

Practice makes a man perfect.

This is not just a quote, rather it is the truth. Whatever you do if you don’t practice, you will never get the expected results.

Remember, theoretical knowledge is useful in institutional certification. But Google is a bit different. They always focus on practicality. And this is the reason, they don’t just hire people with degrees, they hire practical people with intellect.

Don’t forget to practice each one of the options in Google Ads. We mean to say, try the ad formats, bidding strategy, ad extensions, etc. for the best outcome of the exam that you are going to take.

After you prepare yourself with the Google Ads certification Study guide, it is time to take the test.

Take The Test

The real test is what you have been preparing for until now. But we would not recommend you to take the test if you don’t feel confident.

However, if you have studied and practiced with dummy tests, you should be prepared for the test.

For taking the test you will not have to go to any other pages, you can find the option right there on the main page of each certification.

You should just find the title “Pass the assessment and earn a certification”. Click on the option under the title, and it will take you to your assessment page.

You will see a short guideline for the assessment along with some other information. We suggest you read the instruction first.

When you are done reading the guidelines, click on the “Log in to Launch” button.

Remember, you have to finish the assessment within the given time. You cannot pause the test. So, make sure you arrange everything before you sit for the exam.

That’s it, now it is your turn to finish the exam. And earn your certification.

Hope this Google Ads Certification study guide was helpful. If you need help with any other guide or have a how-to question. Let us know through comments, or check our other blogs.

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