How To Make a Free Website for Google AdSense?

How To Make a Free Website for Google AdSense?

You must be thinking, you need a domain and hosting to earn money with Google AdSense? But it is a big no! Because you can still earn money with Google AdSense without having any custom domain. That sounds surprising, right? Hold on, we are about to tell you how to make a free website for Google AdSense!

Internet is a great opportunity for everyone looking for a source of passive income.  And Google AdSense is one of the best options. But a lot of people hold on to a misconception—we cannot monetize a free website.

Well partially, it is true, but not entirely. There are a few exceptions and we are going to talk about one that you can monetize. Moreover, we are going to lead you to the process of how to make a free website for Google AdSense.

Among the few exceptions, Google’s Blogger is a wonderful platform to make a free website that you can monetize. So, let’s learn about Blogger first!

Blogger from Google: The Easiest and the Best

Blogger is a platform that helps you create your website. It is from the internet giant, Google. And it helps you have your website for free. However, you can also connect your custom domain to make it yours fully.

There are over 1.9 billion websites in the world. And 570 million of them are blogs. Though we are not sure how many websites are there on Blogger, the number is significant.

A lot of people open their blog and personal website on Blogger because it provides free services. It means you don’t need to purchase any domain or pay for the hosting. And I guess you can understand why it is so popular.

More importantly, you can monetize Blogger websites with Google AdSense.

Now let’s dive into how to make a free website for Google AdSense using Blogger.

How to Make a Free Website for Google AdSense?

Well, the question is not as tricky as it sounds.

Making a free website with Blogger is pretty simple and we are going to guide you in the simplest steps possible.

Step 1: Create a Gmail Account

When we lead you through how to make a free website for Google AdSense, having a Gmail account is inevitable.

Though you don’t need a Gmail account if you create your free website on platforms other than Blogger. But since we are talking about Blogger, this is the first thing you need to do.

It is fine if you already have a Gmail account and you want to use that account for blogger. Then you just need to skip this step.

Remember, if you want to have several websites on Blogger, you don’t need to have a different email account. Because you can create several websites with a single Gmail account.

Step 2: Signup to Blogger


In this second step of how to make a free website for Google AdSense, you will have to go to Blogger first.

And then click ‘Create Your Blog”. Instantly, it will take you to the standard Google sign-in window. Now you need to sign in with your Gmail and password.

You should know that, for Blogger, your password is the same as your Gmail and will always remain so.

Step 3: Choose Your Blog Name


Now it is time to choose the name of your blog.

Once you have signed up with your Gmail and password, it will take you to the onboarding page. You will see a title called “Choose a Name for Your Blog”.

Moreover, this is the name that will be displayed on the top of your blog. Similarly, this title will show when your site appears on the Google search.

Therefore, make sure you choose the right name for your website. For example, if you want to create a website about gadgets, you keep the name relevant to your blog or site.

Step 4: Choose a Subdomain and Display Name


This is the most important part of how to make a free website for Google AdSense.

Well in this step, you need to choose a subdomain name.

Don’t be disappointed!

Since you are creating a free website, you will get a subdomain suffixed with the word blogger.

It means, you will get a domain name but it will include blogger right after the name you choose. And since they come with blogger suffix, we call them subdomain.

Now write your preferred domain name and hit Next.


After the domain name, you will come to another page for ‘Display Name’.  It is the name that will show when you open the site in the browser. On the other hand, it will also appear on the search result. Once you enter the display name click Finish. You are done and now you have a free website ready to publish your first blog.

Step 5: Setup a Theme and Layout


The theme will make your website look better. And this is one of the most important parts of the guide on how to make a free website for Google AdSense.

So, now you go to the Theme option from the left dashboard and choose one of the themes according to your taste and site type.

On the left side of the dashboard, you will also find an option called Layout, which will help you set headers, sidebars, page lists and footers. Besides, you can also set ads and other widgets. So, you need to utilize these options smartly to make your site look professional.

Step 6: Add Favicon and Google Analytics

The success of your website depends on its professional aesthetics. Therefore, you should have a decent logo and favicon.

To set your logo and favicon, go to the Settings and there you will find the Favicon button. Now you click on that and add your favicon.

Similarly, you will find Google Analytics just on the top of the Favicon option. Create a google analytics account and add your site to that account. You will get an ID from your Analytics account, just copy and paste it into your blogger’s Google Analytics property ID option.

Here is the end of creating the free website for Google AdSense. Now keep publishing blogs, and the site will be ready for ads after you publish the required amount of content.

Till then you keep working hard and, have some traffic. And we will lead you on how to add Google AdSense to your free Blogger account.

If you are planning to add Google AdSense to Wix you can check our blog on how to add Google AdSense to Wix.

Hope this guide on how to create a free website for Google AdSense was useful for you. We wish you success and prosperity ahead. Stay connected to us, we will help you with many such blogs.

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